Take Control of Your Phone System with RIPPLE by Intruity

Industry leading features such as DID, Multi-extension, Voicemail to Email, Call Queues, IVR, Call Recordings and more.

What is a VoIP Phone System?​

VoIP, also known as Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), lets you manage outgoing and incoming calls over an internet connection. Today, phones no longer need to have on-site hardware.

You can use your smartphone or even an softphone to run your business. Ripple works as a VoIP supplier that uses IP PBX to provide you the best VoIP service and manage your business communications.

About the Ripple VoIP System

Ripple makes it affordable and easy to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our VoIP solution meets the needs of businesses in any industry, from Small to Enterprises businesses. Ripple grants all the features of a traditional PBX while simultaneously providing the newest functionality used with modern VoIP technology, all while being a cloud-based communications supplier for easy scalability.

Industry Standard Features with Ripple

Voicemail to Email

This is a phone system feature that distributes voicemail messages to your email inbox. Never worry about missing a voicemail again. When a caller leaves a message, you will receive an email containing details about the call and an audio file (MP3 or WAV) of the message.

Call Recording

Provides your business the ability to record a voice conversation. Whether they are active calls or conference calls, you can record them and store the digital files for transcription or to playback at a later time.

Call Center Queuing

A call queue is a business phone system feature that creates a virtual line for inbound callers based on criteria you previously establish. This will place the caller on hold until the next agent becomes available to assist them.

Features you get with the
Ripple Phone System

Designed with flexibility in mind, Ripple utilizes best-in-class features to enhance your business’s day-to-day communication. Some of these features include but are not limited to:

HD VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Caller ID

Softphone compatibility

Call Recording

Unlimited Calling in U.S*

*Restrictions may apply*

Call Analytics

Call Queuing

Voicemail Forwarding

Call Transfer

Number Porting

Voicemail to Email

IVR – Auto Attendant

Call Forwarding

Custom Music on Hold

Advanced Call Routing

Conference Bridge

Unlimited Online Faxing

One Stop VoIP Shop

Complete your VoIP system with new office phones and equipment. Purchase additional items right from us. We only carry items from trusted vendors. Click on a logo below to view items.

Why Ripple by intruity?

We provide a world of communication solutions that speak highly about our expertise in telecommunications to locally-based entities.

Classic Vs Modern Adaptation

Ripple can be personalized to be cloud-based with a soft-phone or keep it classic with physical desk phones.

Personalized Support & Communication​

When you need assistance, the Ripple team works with you directly, with no third-party call centers.

Bolster Your Sales Funnel

Whether you are B2C or B2B, communication is vital. Ripple will strengthen your sales funnel by covering any leaks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have several different options to meet your business goal while staying on budget. Reach out to our innovative solutions team.

Yes. You can port your old numbers over to us.

Usually around 3-4 weeks depending on the loosing carrier

Yes, we can either forward calls to your cellphone or there are plenty of mobile softphone apps

Yes. There are several options including running a soft phone app.

Yes it works with all softphones and hardphones that are VOIP

Yes, we have the solutions to assist you with your needs on most analog devices.

Yes, as long as your CRM supports a softphone, Ripple will work for you.

Absolutely, We’ve done custom code in the past. Provided that both sides have support to talk to each other.

As long as your softphone provides it

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