Best In Class VoIP Telephone Solutions

Modernize your business phone communications.

VoIP Call Center Capabilities:

Easily manage individual and team calls.  No onsite hardware is needed, can be utilized on any smart phone device. CRM/AMS system integration allows for call campaign automation, real time call reports, team management and much more.

Over a Decade of CRM/AMS, VoIP Telephone, and Predictive Dialer Technology Innovation and Experience!

Connect Any Telephone Line and Location With Ease While Consolidating Phone Costs

Call Recording Functionality

Easily reference Important Calls

Capture and store every conversation – whether it’s an individual or conference call. Never miss a key point or valuable detail ever again. Good for compliance and training procedures.

Voicemail to Email

Never Miss Voicemails

Ripple email integration assures that you never miss a message again. When a caller leaves a voicemail, you will receive an instant notification in your email, complete with all the details of the call and an audio file of the message. Stay connected and on top of your communications with this convenient and reliable feature.

Professional Phone Structure

Enhance Business Operations

Efficiently manage inbound calls with advanced call queue feature. Establish predefined criteria for call routing, creating a virtual waiting line for inbound callers. Ensure that each caller is attended to by the next available representative, minimizing wait times and improving overall customer satisfaction. 

Industry Leading Telephone Features to Manage Business Communications


Optimize business communication; Features include Multi Extension, VoiceMail to Email, Call Queues, Call Recordings, and DID. Streamline call management and improve customer service. Rely on RIPPLE for a professional and efficient communication platform.

Customer Experience

Enhance client relationships with features such as, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Caller ID, and Custom Hold Music. Keep current phone numbers active with Number Porting. Improve communication and customer experience.

Call Management & Convenience

Streamline communication and team management with call Analytics, reporting, call forwarding and transferring, easily record and save audio templates. Elevate business operations and empower your customer service.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Ripple utilizes best-in-class features to enhance
business day-to-day communication.

OneLink CRM/AMS Advanced Integrations

CRM/AMS system integration allows for call campaign automation, oversight, reporting, and more. Easily initiate and track prior placed calls by status or tasks type. Execute automated dialing campaigns that place multiple calls simultaneously, increasing team efficiency by calling as many leads as possible.

Simplicity, Accessibility, and Affordability​

Ripple offers a simple, accessible and cost-effective communication solution for both small business owners and large enterprises. Its streamlined communication process allows for efficient management without compromising on affordability.

Intruity Corporation works as a VoIP supplier to provide the best modern telephone services to manage business communications

Need VoIP Telephone Hardware?

Complete your VoIP system with new office phones and equipment. Purchase items right from a trusted vendor.

Ripple F.A.Q's

Accordion Content

Yes – Several different options exist to port your existing numbers.

Porting numbers can take up to 3-4 weeks contingent on the current telephone provider.

Yes – Calls can be forwarded to any cellphone and to most softphone applications.

Yes – Calls can be forwarded to any cellphone and to most softphone applications.

Yes – Ripple works with all softphones and hardphones that are VoIP compatible.

Yes –  Ripple is compatible with most analog devices.

Yes – Ripple will work with any CRM that is softphone compatible. When Ripple is used in tandem with OneLink Predictive dialing features can be utilized. 

Yes – Intruity Corporation has a full stack development team that can work on custom integration features. Please contact our support team for more information.

Increase Your Call Quality, Quantity, and Oversight With Intruity Corporations RIPPLE Technology