Predictive Dialer

All-in-One Call Automation Technology 

Predictive Dialing automates telephone dialing and places multiple calls simultaneously.

Call Automation Technology

Over a Decade of Technology Innovation and Experience!

Automated Call Dialing

Increase efficiency with call automation and better manage heavy outbound call campaigns.

Always Connect Calls to Active Representatives

Calls are dialed when open outbound lines are active and ready. 

Boost contact rates

Dial more than one number at a time to keep active lines busy.

Cut out wait time
between conversations

Dialing begins automatically after the previous call ends.

Avoid Answering Machines

Bypass busy signals, voicemail, disconnections, and unanswered calls.

Supports TCPA compliance

Ensures TCPA compliance standards are being met. 

Call Center Capability

Easily manage individual and team calls with our telephone technology.  Ripple requires no onsite hardware, and can be utilized on any smartphone device.  CRM/AMS system integration allows for call campaign automation, call recording utilization and archival, real time call reports, and much more.

Increase Call Efficiency With 3 Easy Steps

Upload Lead Data Into OneLink CRM/Agency Management System (AMS)


Use RIPPLE VoIP phone system technology to conduct call campaigns


Automated Dialing Technology

Reach more prospects with automated phone dialing by combining OneLink and RIPPLE Technology

Powerful Reporting for
Data-Driven Decisions

CRM functionality enhances search and reporting capabilities, including call volume, call types, lead history reports, and more. This allows you to track and analyze key call metrics and dispositions. 

Intruity Corporation Products

  • Better serve every customer
  • Automate workflow
  • Enrich marketing content
  • Increase call quality, volume, and over-site
  • Improve Team Management
  • Multiply productivity

Any Sales Industry - Any Size

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Save Time, Contact More Prospects, Increase Outbound Call Efficiency, and Make More Sales

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