Health & Life Insurance

All-in-One Client & Lead Management, Marketing, and Call Automation Technology

Experience a Smarter Way of Growing Your Health and Life Business

CRM, Agency Management System, and phone dialing solutions for insurance brokerages and agents.

Customer Relationship Management

Truly understand your clients; embrace and anticipate their needs for greater customer satisfaction, retention, and referral opportunity.

Team Management

Real-time team management, easily monitor, communicate, and assign tasks to employees or downline agents.


Manage and monitor commission types, levels,  payments, chargebacks, generate invoices, and more.  

Business Automation

Call Campaigns

Automate your business process by creating call campaigns that allow associates to dial the newest leads automatically. Increase sales with minimal associate downtime.

Lead Management

All-in-one, Insurance Product Solutions Built for:

Medicare Health Plans, Short Term Health, ACA Plans, Life Insurance, Disability Benefits, Annuities, Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke, Long Term Care, Mortgage Protection, and more!

Powerful Reporting for
Data-Driven Decisions

OneLink offers comprehensive search and reporting capabilities, including sales amounts, sales types, call volume, call types, commissions, pending items, client details, and more. Tracking and analyzing real-time data will lead to better management accuracy.

Advanced System Dashboard

Customizable dashboard to maximize efficiency, showcasing real-time calendar commitments, upcoming tasks, at a glance reporting, news updates, goals, call activity, messaging, and more

Technology Integration

Greatly enhance the functionality and usability of commonly used software. Easily connect – email, calendar, lead vendors, websites, phone technology, and more, with simple system API integration.

Work From

Gone are the days of onsite systems and data. Send communications, pull reports, manage employees, make calls, track progress, and pay commissions from anywhere at any time.

Predictable Costs and Savings

Have one predictable system cost – all backed by award-winning customer support.


$ 49
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Task Management
  • Customer Management


$ 69
  • Lead Actions
  • Dialing & Email
  • Campaign Automation


$ 99
  • Account Management
  • Create Access Roles
  • Data & Call Management
1 Required

Multiple Insurtech Solutions Available

OneLink: Advanced CRM & AMS Solution

OneLink is a cloud-based software that brings unique CRM & Business Management System capabilities together in one easy-to-use dashboard. This creates consistency, efficiency and increases productivity.

RIPPLE: VoIP Call Center Capability

Connect any telephone line and location with ease while consolidating phone costs. RIPPLE offers a simple, accessible, and cost-effective communication solution for any size of business.

Predictive Dialer: Unique Dial Automation

Predictive dialing is an automated telephone dialing system that places multiple calls simultaneously. Once a call is connected it is automatically transferred to a live representative.  Increase agent and employee efficiency by placing multiple calls at a time with no downtime.

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