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Our Products


VoIP Phone System

Predictive Dialer

Call Automation Technology

Over a decade of experience with superior technology solutions.

Complete Business Automation

Our technology solutions will accelerateclient growth, increase client retention and create more referral opportunity. Easily automate email messaging, calendar commitments, common daily tasks, call dialing and more.

Call Center Capability

Easily manage individual and team calls with our telephone technology.  Ripple requires no onsite hardware, and can be utilized on any smartphone device.  CRM/AMS system integration allows for call campaign automation, call recording utilization and archival, real time call reports, and much more.

Manage From Anywhere

Gone are the days of onsite systems and data. Send communications, pull reports, manage employees, make calls, track progress, and pay commissions from anywhere at any time.

Powerful Reporting for
Data-Driven Decisions

OneLink offers comprehensive search and reporting capabilities, including sales amounts, sales types, call volume, call types, commissions, pending items, client details, and more. Tracking and analyzing real-time data will lead to better management accuracy.

Built in
Commission System

Streamline the process of tracking and managing commission payments, including automatic payment reminders, convenient storage of commission datamonitoring of payments and chargebacks, and customizable invoices with branding.

Enterprise Solutions For Any Size Business

Not all industry sales, and business models are the same, partner with a
technology company that supports industry specific growth.


Business to Business

Business to Consumer

Call Center

Financial / Tax

Health & Life

Property & Casualty

Real Estate

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