Why Personalization is Important in Insurance Sales

Are you creating a personalized experience with your agency for your customers and prospects? Marketers report that personalization efforts can boost revenues by up to 15%. 1

Personalization is the process by which an agency leverages data available to them to deliver individualized messaging to leads or current customers. A customer relationship management (CRM) system enables your agency to create personalized interactions with leads and customers. Using data from your CRM system allows you to gain valuable insights into your customer base and discover new ways to better serve them.

An effective personalization strategy allows an agency to build strong relationships and trust with their customers resulting in high customer retention and more referrals. It’s never too late to start your personalization strategy, in this blog you will learn some personalization tactics and best practices.

When to use personalization in insurance sales?

Below are ways to implement personalization in your day-to-day agency operations.


Providing a personalized sales experience with your agency helps move leads through the sales funnel quicker. 

Understand the needs of your prospects and customers and tailor your sales pitch to their problems and goals. If your customer wants to provide their employees with health and dental benefits, don’t waste your time talking about how great your life insurance offerings are. Take the time with your customer to talk about all the great health and dental plans you can offer their employees. This builds confidence with the customer and lets them know you understand their pain points and professional goals. 

Pair leads with the best-fit salesperson in your agency based on licensed states and customer location. This salesperson will know the local plans and carriers, allowing them to make the best recommendations and leaving the customers with a positive sales experience.

Use your CRM and schedule personalized communications and follow-ups based on a prospect’s particular lead stage. Send blogs, videos and infographics in the early stages of the funnel to show industry knowledge and begin to build trust. As they move throughout the funnel, share case studies, white papers, Ebooks and testimonials to position your agency as an industry thought leader. This creates a unique experience each step of the way and feeds your prospects relevant information throughout the decision-making process. 

In sales, you talk to several customers a day, so it is very important to keep track of important details and interactions with clients to personalize each experience you may have with them. Collect information about their professional and personal goals, ask about their kids, talk with them about their favorite sports teams or their hobbies. Keep these notes in your CRM to personalize each phone call, email or in-person interaction you have.


Provide a seamless marketing experience for customers and prospects that will help increase your agency’s bottom line. Use personalization to increase open and reply-to rates and set up targeted email campaigns, based on location, demographics, group size, etc.

Provide personalization within your emails, many email marketing programs allow you the ability to create variable tags. A variable tag allows you to add customer information from their record on your CRM in an email template. This assists you in personalizing every aspect of your email and standing out from the hundreds of other emails they receive a day.

A CRM system allows you to build out robust customer journeys and provides each customer with a curated experience. Automate your marketing strategy, saving your agency’s team time and money. 

Are you tracking your leads? Use that data to create a seamless marketing experience with your agency. If a lead source comes in from social media, use that information to continue to feed them personalized resources and information on your business through social media channels.

Customer Service

Personalization is crucial to providing a great customer service experience for your clients—it allows your customer service team to provide tailored solutions that meet your customer’s individual needs and preferences. 

Keeping accurate records of all interactions (emails, calls, texts) will assist your team in providing an excellent customer service experience. This brings whoever is helping your client up to speed on any interactions and issues a customer had previously had with your agency, allowing them to provide a quick solution. 

Top-notch customer service will truly set you apart from the competition. Clients will notice when you go the extra mile and are more likely to send you referrals and recommend you to their family and friends. 

Use personalization to increase customer retention—automate emails for clients that celebrate birthdays, company anniversaries, and holidays. When you take that extra step and provide a personalized touch to your service, clients will remember that.

Best Practices for Personalization

  • Work with your sales and marketing team to create customer personas. This will help you gain insights into your ideal customers and create valuable content and personalization around these audiences. 
  • Collect data from your customers. Each year, confirm that the information that you have in your CRM is still accurate. Clean data helps your agency provide the best experience for your customers. 
  • Always test your personalized emails. Make sure that they are pulling the correct data and information before being sent to existing customers. 
  • Leverage the data you have in your CRM. Use this data to see how prospects and customers are interacting with your data, how long it takes to lead and if any sources have a higher conversion rate. Build your personalized email journeys around these factors. 
  • Analyze results and continue to adapt your personalization strategy. Use marketing insights and data to see which strategies are working and which need to be adjusted to maximize agency efforts and ROI. 
  • Be very careful not to overdo the personalization, this can cause a customer to become overwhelmed and irritated.

Personalization made easy with OneLink.

Putting the proper tools and technology in place allows you to provide a seamless interaction with new and existing clientele. Automate marketing and track sales analytics to create personalized communications and customer service. 

Take full advantage of OneLink CRM’s capabilities to communicate with customers across multiple channels and build strong relationships. Use automated communications, and built-in customer management to help your team stay efficient while outperforming the competition. Keep current clients happy and free up your time to prospect and attract new clients.

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