Leveraging Mission’s Cloud Expertise To Migrate To AWS

Case Study

Who is Mission and Why?

Mission is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Cloud Service Provider. At Intruity, server uptime is extremely important to us. Since making this transition, our application uptime and speed have increased, and we no longer worry about servers going down or random Internet outages. We also don’t have to worry about how long our servers will last and if applications are running properly. 

Below is a case study done by the Mission team that covers the transition as well as what was done to improve our application performance.

Executive Summary

Intruity, a SaaS provider of applications for the insurance industry, wanted to migrate its on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud. Objectives included improving disaster recovery capabilities, application performance, and scalability capacity as well as enhancing the security posture of the infrastructure and streamlining compliance audits. Intruity chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the ideal cloud environment and partnered with Mission to architect the new infrastructure. Key AWS services configured by Mission include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS Directory Service, AWS Security Hub, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and AWS Backup. The migration to AWS increased application uptime, resiliency, and response times while also creating a scalable architecture to reduce the time to spin up new servers from 1 hour down to 30 minutes and to expand capacity for clients. The environment also switches users automatically to a backup data center if the primary data center fails and removes the need for the internal IT team to manage systems and backups. Intruity has also strengthened its security posture and streamlined SOC 2 compliance audits. From a cost standpoint, initial infrastructure costs decreased by 30% through server right-sizing and private pricing offered by Mission, and the cloud infrastructure lowers the cost of new servers by 25% compared to the on-premises data center.


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