How to Set Your Agency Sales Team Up for Success

Are you setting your sales team up to succeed?

Your sales team is responsible for driving sales and revenue for your agency. Implementing the proper processes, training and technology for your sales team is crucial for your agency’s success and the key to increasing profits and commissions.

Investing in your sales team will pay off and build loyalty with your employees. When your team feels valued and appreciated, they will go above and beyond for your agency. By putting the right tools in place, keeping an open line of communication and setting realistic goals, your sales team is guaranteed to succeed.

This blog will cover best practices to implement for your insurance agency to reach and exceed sales goals.

Optimize Your Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is the first interaction a new employee of the sales team has with your agency. Show new employees that you have the proper tools in place to streamline the onboarding process with your company and to set them up for success from the very start.

A proper team management system will assist your HR team with hiring, documentation, managing contact details, salary information, licensing and carrier appointments. By optimizing these processes and properly training new employees, it will allow them to be onboarded quickly and enable them to start selling sooner! A streamlined onboarding process will also build trust with employees and prove that you want to see the team succeed.

Utilize a CRM & AMS System

You can streamline the sales process simplify business operations, and empower your employees.

A big part of insurance sales is tracking all clients and leads through their buying journey. Tracking all of this in a giant excel spreadsheet can become inconvenient and time-consuming. Utilizing a CRM & AMS system allows your sales team to get organized, track your sales funnel, and keep track of every customer interaction you or your team has with a client.

Keeping accurate records of all interactions (emails, calls, texts) will assist your team in providing an excellent customer service experience. This brings whoever is helping your client up to speed on any interactions and issues a customer had previously had with your agency, allowing them to provide a quick solution.

Use a CRM & AMS system to track leads and figure out which sources are providing the most valuable leads for your sales teams. Tap into this data to run efficient marketing campaigns that drive inbound leads for your teams.

A good CRM & AMS system allows you to truly understand your customer and anticipate their needs for higher retention, and customer satisfaction. This simplifies business operations for your agency, and allows your sales team to gain back the time you’re wasting on inefficient systems.

Automate Tasks and Communication

Free up time by automating tasks and communications for your teams. Automate personalized, follow-up emails to customers and prospects based on their stage in the sales process. Use drip campaigns to drive awareness and warm up leads throughout the process for your sales teams.

Use your CRM to set up automatic call campaigns. This allows associates to dial the newest leads automatically, increasing sales with minimal associate downtime.

Automate emails for clients that celebrate birthdays, company anniversaries, and holidays. This will help your team provide a personalized touch to their service and clients will remember that. Providing a personalized sales experience with your agency helps move leads through the sales funnel quicker.

Provide Proper Training and Education

As an insurance sales agent, your team will need to continuously be learning. It is crucial that you provide tools and resources for them to stay on top of the newest products, legislation, and compliance topics to make educated recommendations for clients. Allow your sales teams time during their workday to attend webinars and events, talk with colleagues, read books and listen to podcasts to continue their education.

Encourage your employees to join relevant local organizations that sponsor networking and education events. If you can, offer to pay for the memberships for employees, this will show you are committed to their continuous learning education. This will also give members of the team to network outside of the company, which could results in referrals and sales.

Continue to Adapt Your Sales Strategies and Set Realistic Goals

Sales and marketing techniques are consistently changing. Keeping detailed reports and analytics will help you stay ahead of the curve by analyzing what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to pivot your strategy.

A CRM & AMS system allows you to manage and optimize your sales team’s productivity and set them up for success. Monitor and record calls to use as a resource for coaching and compliance when training employees.

Pair leads with the best-fit salesperson in your agency based on licensed states and customer location. This salesperson will know the local plans and carriers, allowing them to make the best recommendations and leaving the customers with a positive sales experience.

Tap into your CRM & AMS data and use it to develop realistic sales objectives for your teams. For example, if the average time to move a lead to a closed sale is four months, then set those expectations with your sales teams. Reports also come in handy if you manage a team. Use reporting monitoring team productivity and put data behind agency sales objectives. Managers can use reports to see exactly what’s working for which agents and can optimize their success while coaching others to achieve the same.

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