How Property & Casualty Brokers Can Benefit From Using OneLink

Is your agency struggling with organizing client information and assets in your current customer relationship management software?

Do you wish there was a better way to attach assets to clients records and keep track of custom information you need to efficiently run your agency?

Before OneLink, your agency may have had to choose between a CRM or AMS, now, with OneLink, you can get the best of both products in one, efficient system.

With OneLink, a CRM and Agency Management software in one, we have worked with industry professionals to create a tool to help assist agents within the P&C space with these issues. Providing Property & Casualty professionals a tool to create custom assets and capabilities to run their agency operations seamlessly.

This article will cover our latest custom asset feature and how your P&C agency can benefit from our CRM/AMS software.

How OneLink’s Custom Asset Feature Works

As the agency owner or administrator, you will have access to create any asset you wish for you company. For example, for “vehicles”, you can tie this asset to leads, customers, policies or even associates. Then you, the agency owner, can define what field properties their agents need to fill when creating these assets. Examples of these field properties for vehicles would be: Make, Model, Year, Color, Cost, Date Purchased, etc. Anything your team would need to successfully quote, enroll and renew a policy.

Once the asset has been created, all agents under that agency owner will be able to visit the assets tab and add a Vehicle to their clients account by clicking (ADD) and filling in the field properties listed by the agency owner. There is no limit to how many assets an agency owner can make for their company.

OneLink provides complete customization by the P&C agency owner, making it easy to organize policies and customer records. In addition to this feature, you also gain access to OneLink’s best-in-class CRM/AMS features.

How Property & Casualty Agents Can Benefit from OneLink

OneLink is the best of both an AMS and a CRM and allows your agency to simplify business operations, and gain back time and money that is being wasted on inefficient systems.

As a Property & Casualty agency, you want to set your sales team up for success and streamline day-to-day operations so they can focus on bringing in more revenue.

Successful P&C agents are dedicated, organized, and are able to provide unmatched customer service. A CRM system allows you and your team to get organized, track your sales funnel, and keep track of every customer interaction.

In addition to keeping track of your agency’s book of business, you can manage your teams, collect customer data, create marketing campaigns and track commissions.

Your agency will reap the benefits when all of their customer data and agency information is in one system, allowing you to worry-less about your agency’s operations and focus on your core business.

Personalize Customer Experiences

Customize assets and field properties that are unique to your agency. Customization helps your agency create personalized experience. Personalized experiences make customers feel valued and special. By keeping track of customer data and interactions, you’ll be able to create targeted interactions that build customer retention.

Personalization is crucial to providing a great customer service experience for your clients—it allows your customer service team to provide tailored solutions that meet your customer’s individual needs and preferences.

Keeping accurate data of all interactions (emails, calls, texts) will help your team in providing an excellent customer service experience. This brings your customer service team up-to-date with any interactions and issues a customer had previously had with your agency, allowing them to provide a quick solution. This type of customer service will leave customers walking away from an interaction with your agency satisfied with the results, and are more likely to send you referrals and recommend you to their family and friends.

Access Customer Data and Reporting

Gain insights into your customer base and discover new ways to better serve them. Analyze data to pinpoint issues with unhappy customers and if there is anything you can do to bridge the gap and prevent future issues.

Understanding what actions leads are taking during the sales process, how they are interacting with your content and business and how long it takes to make a purchasing decision. Use this data to optimize the marketing campaigns and sales processes you have in place.

Assess email data to create a more effective customer communications schedule. Find out what is resonating with your customers based on open rates and the best days and times to send communications.

Collecting and analyzing customer data will help you truly understand your customers and anticipate their needs for higher retention, and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade Your Agency’s Marketing

Many AMS systems don’t provide robust marketing tools and technology. With OneLink, you gain access to the marketing technology of a CRM. This allows you to create marketing actions that help move leads through your agency’s sales funnel.

Automate common emails such as onboarding and renewal; automating these tasks can free up time for your team. Set up email campaigns that will nurture relationships with current customers and build trust, resulting in higher customer retention rates.

Provide your leads and customers with a completely curated experience with your agency.

Take your agency to new levels of success with OneLink.

OneLink is not just for health insurance agencies, with our customizable asset feature, P&C agents get to take full advantage of our CRM’s capabilities.

Utilize the latest customer relationship management and agency management technology to provide a seamless interaction with new and existing clientele. Use automated communications, and built-in customer management to help your team stay efficient while outperforming the competition.

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