CRM/AMS – Marketing Automation Techniques

The action of marketing is a mandatory lifeline for any business that intends to grow and prosper. If you look at your business as a thriving, living, breathing organism then marketing can be considered the heart of the operation. We all know that if the heart is not properly functioning, death will be imminent. Don’t let the lack of marketing or failed marketing campaigns be your business’ “Swan song”.

Marketing: Mar-ket-ing – /ˈmärkədiNG/

Noun – The activity or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

A profitable marketing strategy is often simple, but conducting solid marketing campaigns can be difficult, especially if many lines are intended to be in the water at once. Marketing campaigns can and should be both proactive and reactive in nature, and work in harmony to compound cohesive messaging strength for maximum long-term impact.  Consider this to be similar to the front and rear of a restaurant, have you ever had a great meal but lousy service, did you leave a tip, did you tell a friend, did you go back? 

A sound marketing agenda needs to contain a specific goal, a plan of action to achieve said desired goal, systematic foundational parameters to support the goal, and remedial attention along the way. These combined variables will equal a sound practical strategy but more is needed to guarantee a level of desired success. In fact, many, if not most, “Destined to succeed” marketing campaigns do fail due to internal obstacles, such as lack of oversight, commitment, and follow-through.  

But, the number one reason that marketing campaigns do not generate a satisfactory ROI is not because of the lack of internal talent, strategy, or conviction, rather many businesses’ are void of a systematical approach and lack a quality technology platform and the usability of up-to-date data. Intent and goodwill are great, but can only be “so” good without quality technology platforms’ assistance. 


Having a useful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the best ways to automate marketing campaigns with current and future data. A CRM system ensures that necessary day-to-day actions to generate results do not fall through the cracks and that proper follow-up procedures are honored and executed at all times without fail. Many commonly used technology tools such as a calendar, email, meeting platforms, websites, lead vendors, and more, can be integrated into a CRM system for maximum functionality.   


A solid Agency Management System (AMS) ensures that you can execute quality campaigns, and have oversight and maneuverability to embrace all potential opportunities.  An AMS program will assist business operations with reporting, sales metrics, and much, much, much more. An AMS creates accountability for any given campaign and/or employee and will aid in strategies that will help uncover any bad messaging, disconnects, or weak links. An AMS system is typically referred to as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

With Intruity Corporations OneLink CRM/AMS technology, one can easily begin to automate the entire sales, marketing, and lead processes of the business. Intruity Corporation’s CRM, AMS, VOIP phone, and Predictive dialer technology have helped thousands of partner agencies over the last decade meet and exceed their sales goals.  

Marketing Automation with OneLink CRM and AMS

With the combined power of centralized data, technology integration features, and usable real-time reporting metrics, the OneLink CRM and Agency Management System, will enhance marketing endeavors, support more quality content, ensure tasks are honored and allow for greater finite management. OneLink allows growth to become more simplistic, enjoyable, and measurable and will equate to greater profit margins parallel to limiting and controlling a business’ overall technology costs.    

Let’s examine how the OneLink CRM/AMS software can support an agency’s marketing campaigns.

Quality Marketing Engagement

There are several ways that marketing automation and collaboration can support and greatly enhance an agency’s growth initiatives. OneLink can automate and house numerous marketing campaign types.  Campaigns can range from mass message blasts to individualized selective messaging. OneLink can automate drip campaigns and client-specific customizable action-based journeys for any type of proactive or reactive intent.

Mass message marketing blasts can be created to attract new prospective customers, or to push mass alerts to an existing client base. Individualized selective group messaging can be generated based on a client’s age, assets, geography, existing plan type, where they are in a sales or retention cycle, and many additional metrics and actions.  Message templates can be used as is and can auto-fill with established criteria, or can be manually adapted per message for more intimate messaging.  Whether it be prospecting, client retention, generating referrals, or client acquisition, if there is a strategy with an end goal, OneLink can connect the systematical dots to aid in peak performance.  

Drip Campaigns – If a client buys a health Insurance policy, an agency can set up “after the sale” message automation that will help with plan retention, and referrals and create additional sales opportunities.  Within a drip campaign the primary follow-up message can reinforce the initial buying decision, and alert the client to what will occur next, such as their ID cards are en route.  Secondary, pre-determined messaging can advise the client that the agency exists to help them and their loved ones – seeking referral opportunities.  Additional messaging can follow, with the intent to raise awareness of other offered services and products that may be beneficial to the client or their loved ones.   

Action-based marketing – Similar to a drip campaign, action-based messaging can be automated for any action or reaction. If a client calls in with an issue or has an inquiry, specific messaging can be stored and utilized to follow up on the event, to ensure satisfaction, or even to grade the experience. Message templates can be customized per scenario to feel more personal supporting relationship engagement. 

Mass messaging – With OneLink sending a message to an entire client base is as easy as click, click, send.  With mass messaging capabilities a business can easily send office updates, calendar events, business enhancement notifications, and more.  Mass messaging will save a business time and energy, and can be a great catalyst to trigger more direct client engagement.  This technique can also be used for lead generation when prospect data is uploaded into OneLink and specifically crafted messaging is triggered.

Seasonal/Special notice messaging – Easily generate birthday reminders, anniversary reminders, thank you notices, holiday greetings and recipes, and more.  Message idea templates and flow are limitless, with simple system dispositions that are tied to basic campaign actions.   

Targeted messaging – OneLink’s automation capabilities allow for specifically crafted targeted messaging. If a health Insurance focused agency added life insurance products to its practice, the agency would benefit from alerting its client base of the product portfolio enhancements. In this scenario, the agency may determine that individuals ages 50 and up, with an average household income over $80,000 may be the best life insurance candidates. OneLink is a client-centric system that allows details to be saved per client, such as the client’s DOB and household income. By utilizing the OneLink search and reporting functionality, specific groups of clients can be retrieved and targeted with particular message automation campaigns. 

OneLink - your client management and marketing technology solution!

With CRM/AMS marketing automation a business can conduct greater levels of higher-quality messaging and engagement with fewer personnel. System-driven messaging creates brand continuity and consistency, aiding in overall client satisfaction and loyalty.  

Don’t settle for a CRM that won’t meet all your agency’s needs!

With OneLink, you can easily begin to automate many aspects of the daily business cycle. Client and product retention is a key factor that is paramount for business growth and one of the main reasons that a client management system is so highly desired in the insurance and P&C spaces. 

Intruity Corporation has developed a customizable all-in-one CRM/AMS product solution that has served thousands of users over the past decade. Our CRM/AMS/VoIP Telephone/Predictive Dialer product solutions are built for business owners, by business owners.  

 Take full advantage of the OneLink AMS and CRM capabilities to communicate with customers across multiple channels and build strong, lasting relationships. Use automated communications, and built-in customer management to help increase efficiency and outperform the competition, all while controlling costs.

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