Benefits of Being a OneLink Affiliate

Are you a web affiliate manager, a sales and marketing agency, consulting firm, or systems integrator, looking to increase your revenue stream? At Intruity, our goal is to solidify strong connections with like-minded businesses and expand our product reach through mutual partnerships.

OneLink is a complete agency management system that provides business owners full control with advance call campaigns customization, and team management.

Partner with us to attract our ideal customers—insurance agency owners and individual brokers for Health, Life, and P&C and earn a generous commission on any leads converted into a paying customer within 90 days of a demo.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a partnership where one party earns a commission by promoting a product or service of another party.

The affiliate marketer is paid a specific payout for providing a specific result, typically a sale, to the adviser company. It is up to the affiliate on how they would like to promote the product. Many commonly use blogs, social media, podcasts, or websites.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

It may sound too good to be true, but you can increase your companies revenue by just referring customers to Intruity. If you’re already working with our idea customers, add affiliate marketing to your portfolio today and start reaping the benefits.

No Start-Up Costs

Organizations can easily add affiliate marketing to their portfolio with no start-up cost. You don’t need a team of designers or an ads budget, you can start by tapping into your current customer base that fits the description of your affiliate’s target market. All that is needed to start is some investment of your time.

Low Risk

There is minimal risk when breaking into affiliate marketing since there is no cost for you or your business. It’s an easy way to gain revenue through customers you already work with. Work with partners you trust so you know you’re recommending customers a reliable company and product.


No need to hire an extra person to take care of your affiliate marketing program for your agency, just add it to your business’s current marketing mix with minimal effort. You can promote the product as much as you want.

Earn Commissions

Earn compensation on referrals that become sales. The more sales you generate, the higher your commissions will be. It opens up an endless opportunity for new revenue for you and your business.

How it Works

Our affiliate program isn’t just for customers and becoming a OneLink affiliate is simple. We aim to provide our partners with services they can confidently refer to others while producing a stream of revenue for their business.

Join the Program

If our affiliate program is a match for your business, quickly fill out our affiliate contact form and one of our OneLink Account Managers will review your submission and reach out for further information. We will then set up a time to discuss the partnership, provide a product demo and answer any questions you may have about our company.

Promote OneLink

Once we agree on a partnership, you can begin promoting OneLink your way—affiliates gain access to partner-specific marketing assets to use in campaigns.

Partners can choose how they would like to promote and refer customers, whether it is through blog articles, email newsletters, banner ads, and other digital content. Here are some popular ways we’ve seen partners promote our product:

  • Internal Marketing
    • Most partners will primarily focus on promoting the products to new and existing clientele.
  • Pay Per Click
    • Online PPC campaigns can be run on your behalf, but all messaging must be approved by the Intruity Marketing team prior to being published.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Partners can create dedicated pages if they wish to promote Intruitys products. Landing pages must be reviewed and approved by the Intruity Marketing team prior to being published.
  • Customer Referrals
    • Refer customers to Intruity in a variety of ways—word of mouth, unique web forms, or pass on your referrals information to one of our Account Managers and they can handle it from there.

Additionally, our team is happy to provide assistance with any product, billing, or marketing questions you may have.

Earn Commissions

When you refer a customer to Intruity they’ll be worked through our sales funnel. When they convert to a paying customer within 90 days of a scheduled demo, that subscription is attributed to you.

A commission will be paid out to you for every qualifying customer you refer. Earn a 15% commission for any customers you refer to Intruity. If any customers you refer upgrade their account to a higher tier plan, you’ll receive a commission on the updated cost. Additionally, get compensated for any new users your referrals add to their OneLink account.


Become a OneLink Affiliate and Start Earning Today!

Easily grow your revenue with our inclusive referral program. Partner with Intruity and start referring customers to receive a generous commission payout. Contact us today to begin the process so you can start earning!

To learn more about our program, visit our OneLink Affiliate page.