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At Intruity our customers come first, and for over a decade, our systems have been built with pride on that very mission. 

Intruity Corporation is a technology services company with a rich history in supporting sales-focused organizations with cloud-based CRM, Business Management System, and VoIP telephone technology product solutions. For over a decade, our technology has been utilized by thousands of partners across many sales industries as all-in-one total business automation, management, telephone, and marketing infrastructure.

As a premier technology-focused organization, we know from experience what a firm needs to not only meet its daily workflow needs but how to maximize every client interaction, generate best-case ROI on marketing initiatives, how to improve new client acquisition tactics, and employee management best practices. We have witnessed and learned that a technology partner’s relationship with its client needs to be greater than any product alone, as no one business is the same.

With this in mind, our products are borne from necessity and come with second-to-none customer support, ongoing implementation training, decades of tech experience, and most importantly business management knowledge, accreditation, and consultation. Our products are real-time field tested daily and continue to evolve as our in-house DEV experts raise the bar with technological enhancements to accommodate the rapidly changing fast-paced nature of today’s sales marketplace.

Intruity Corporation is headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, and services partners throughout North, Central, South America, and Southeast Asia.

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We are honored to have been a Gold Plus sponsor at this year's 2023 ICMG Annual Conference. ICMG fulfilled its role and brought together some of the greatest talent, agencies, carriers, products, and technology in the industry!

New OneLink Feature - Introducing Assets

A new way for agency owners to organize and customize specific details for leads, customers, policies, or even associates.

Leveraging Mission’s Cloud Expertise To Migrate To AWS

At Intruity, server uptime is extremely important to us. Since making this transition, our application uptime and speed have increased, and we no longer worry about servers going down or random Internet outages.

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Harley S.
Harley S.
Agency Owner
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"Pros. The lead system has the ability to import leads from several different sources and keeps them all cycling through with an autodialer system. I have seen other agency software products and so far nothing compares to OneLink. One of my favorite features besides the autodialing lead system, would be the reports function. The ability to generate simple to complex reports about your business and its performance in an instant is a priceless feature. Another great feature is that if you have a suggestion about something that may improve the software or end user experience, the developers and customer service staff will gladly take those suggestions to the development team for feedback. Not every system is perfect and OneLink is always improving and evolving as the insurance industry does. Cons. None, any suggestions or improvements are accepted with open arms or are already being worked on."
Natalie C.
Natalie C.
Insurance Professional
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"High functioning features allowing for simplicity and accessibility from any location. Customer services is attentive and efficient."​
Joe C.
Joe C.
Health Agent
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"I have used many different CRM's across my career. This one takes some of the best parts from different ones, and blends them together in an easy to use package. To my knowledge, there isn't a better way to manage your leads, clients and commissions in one system!"​
Angena S.
Angena S.
Account manager
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I am satisfied with the help you all provide. We are a team, and together everyone really achieves more. I appreciate you, and because of you, I can do my job better. Thank you for the help again. You all deserve a raise.

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