5 Strategies to Increase Customer Retention in Insurance Sales

Acquiring a new customer can cost up to 25 times more than it takes to retain a current one.1 Keeping current customers happy is crucial to seeing profitable growth and success in insurance sales. Forgetting to put in practices and initiatives that nurture your current client base can significantly hurt your bottom line.

Customer retention is the act of minimizing the number of clients that switch from your agency to a competitor. You invest a lot of time and money into acquiring new customers, so it is important to also invest in tactics and strategies that keep customers around.

Does your insurance agency currently have customer retention strategies in place? It’s never the wrong time to improve upon your current strategy, this blog will cover the top five strategies for customer retention in insurance sales.


Keep in Touch

Don’t let communication with your clients end once the sale is complete. Stay in touch with your customers throughout the year to stay top of mind and become their trusted insurance resource.

Take the time to create an annual customer communication calendar that provides insights into relevant and timely industry content throughout the year. Constant and open communication allows you to be proactive with clients, which will strengthen relationships and build trust.

On the other hand, don’t email clients just to check a box. Deliver value-added information that your customers will benefit from and will position you as an industry-leading expert.

The insurance industry is always changing. If changes arise in the industry or with a plan or policy that will affect your clients, you need to have a plan in place to promptly inform your customers.

Invest in a sales or marketing program that helps you automate and streamline customer communications. Automated client contact options keep agents top of mind, nurture stronger relationships and prevent renewals from falling through the cracks.

Personalization is Key

Just like you would personalize their plan or policy, personalize a customer’s entire experience with your company. Personalization makes customers feel valued and special.

Celebrate your client’s milestones! Set up emails for clients for birthdays, company anniversaries, and holidays. Send a personalized, handwritten holiday card or a small gift as a gesture of appreciation for their business. You can also host annual or bi-annual customer appreciation events and connect with clients face-to-face.

It is very important to keep track and remember details that are important to your clients. Ask about their kids, talk with them about their favorite sports teams or their hobbies. Don’t forget to share information about yourself—allow yourself to form a personal, authentic connection with your clients.

Take the time with clients and provide annual coverage reviews, making sure their plans match their current needs. Every customer has different pain points and goals, take the time to figure out what you and your company can do to address those pain points and achieve those goals. Their success is your success. When you take that extra step and provide a personalized touch to your service, clients will remember that.

Use Data to Your Advantage

Gain insights into your customer base and discover new ways to better serve them. Use your data to evaluate the processes you currently have in place and identify which ones are helping or hurting your business.

Are you tracking the reasons why customers are currently leaving? Analyze data to pinpoint issues with unhappy customers and if there is anything you can do to bridge the gap and prevent future issues.

Use email data to create a more effective customer communications schedule. Find out what is resonating with your customers based on open rates and the best days and times to send communications.

Collecting and analyzing customer data will help you truly understand your customers and anticipate their needs for higher retention, and customer satisfaction.

Seek Feedback and Take Action

Gather customer feedback and take action—show customers you’re listening to them and adjusting your processes to fit their needs. Talking to your clients and gathering their pain points will allow you to implement processes and tactics that solve them.

After client interactions, send feedback surveys to learn how you could approve upon future interactions. Consistently seek to improve professionally and adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Always remember to not take feedback personally and use it as an opportunity to improve and grow your business.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Make yourself available to your customers—provide consistent updates, respond to calls and emails in a timely fashion, and be around to answer questions post-sale. By doing these things, it allows you to build a strong relationship with your clients, and they know that you’re someone they can count on.

In insurance, issues are more than likely to arise, but triaging issues immediately and letting your clients know you’ll do whatever it takes to solve it will build trust and clients know that you have their back. It’s all about how you handle the issue, and once resolved, if handled properly, will only strengthen the relationship.

Top-notch customer service will truly set you apart from the competition. Clients will notice when you go the extra mile and are more likely to send you referrals and recommend you to their family and friends.


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