Intruity Corporation
Insider Update February - 2024

Welcome to the Intruity Corporation Insider Update!

As our valued partner, we are excited to share a range of key feature updates and enhancements that we’ve made to our software platforms to improve your experience and overall usability.

We take pride in our technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve your business growth objectives.

Key Features

New Commission Adjustment Report:

We’re excited to introduce our new Commission Adjustment Report. This report allows you to track any adjustments made, ensuring complete transparency and control over your commission data.

Duplicate Policy Management:

You can now merge duplicate policies in policy manager. Navigate to actions → merge duplicate policy to seamlessly combine possible duplicates into a single, streamlined record.

Product Enhancements

  • Streamlining for a Better Experience: To enhance your user experience, we’ve removed unused features, making the platform more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Expanded File Size Capacity: The maximum file size for CSV data imports has now been increased from 5MB to 15MB.

  • Refined Company Setup: The Edit Results section has been updated, renaming “Results” to “Dispositions” for clarity.

  • Invoice Report Update: updated layout with sortable columns and page totals for an enhanced overview.

  • Enhanced Do Not Call List: Now featuring phone number timestamps and sortable columns in the Company Setup.

  • Expanded Lead Fields: City, state, and zip have been added to action emails.

  • Self-Managed Billing: Customers can now manage their payment methods directly within the Billing section.

  • Lead History Insights: Activity times per disposition added for a detailed Lead History Report.

  • License Type Management: New functionality to edit, add, or delete License Types as needed.

  • Optimized Change History Report: Now limited to 90 days of results by default, with an option to extend.