Intruity Corporation
Insider Update September - 2023

Welcome to the Intruity Corporation Insider Update!

As our valued partner, we are excited to share a range of key feature updates and enhancements that we’ve made to our software platforms to improve your experience and overall usability.

We take pride in our technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve your business growth objectives.

Key Features

  • Updated Lead Import API: Our updated Lead Import API now better handles duplicates and even allows you to set a custom time frame for checking duplicates. This means more accurate data and less manual cleanup.
  • Duplicate Lead Reporting: Stay on top of your lead generation with our new reporting feature. Now, you can easily track how many duplicate leads you’re getting with a detailed report and new filter options.
  • Campaign-Specific Scripts and Rebuttals: Selecting specific phone scripts and rebuttals for each campaign.
  • Upcoming API: Stay tuned for a exciting API updates that will further enhance your OneLink experience.

Product Enhancements

  • Enhanced Lead Summary Chart: Visualize your data better with our improved Lead Summary Chart.
  • Improved Attachment Wording: We’ve changed the wording in the attachment type dropdown from “None Selected” to “Hidden” for better clarity.
  • “Assigned” Filter in Lead Manager: You can now filter leads by “Assigned” employees or associates in the Additional Info section, making lead management even more efficient.
  • Voice Recordings Play Button: Easily listen to voice recordings directly from the page with our new play button.
  • CSV Import Status: Our manual CSV import now shows you the number of records added and updated, giving you a quick overview of your import activities.