Intruity Corporation
Insider Update October - 2023

Welcome to the Intruity Corporation Insider Update!

As our valued partner, we are excited to share a range of key feature updates and enhancements that we’ve made to our software platforms to improve your experience and overall usability.

We take pride in our technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve your business growth objectives.

Key Features

Asset Fields Integration into Emails Template:

We’re excited to introduce the integration of Asset Fields directly into our email templates. This means you can now easily insert specific asset details right where you need them, ensuring consistent and accurate data representation.

Simply use the format {{ Asset_Name:Field_Name }} to pull the required asset information into your email.

Enhanced Employee Licensing:

Managing lead access for your team just got simpler! With our new update, you can now efficiently grant or revoke access to leads by selecting the “check/uncheck all” option for Employee Licensing. This feature ensures faster setups and modifications, especially for larger teams.

Invoice Credits Functionality:

Our invoicing system now offers greater flexibility with the addition of the Invoice Credits feature. This allows you to seamlessly apply credits to your customer invoices, helping in timely adjustments and ensuring accurate billing.

Product Enhancements

  • Add Employee Page: Enhanced to display additional details for better data visibility.

  • MFA/2FA Phone Number Source: Now directly sourced from Employee/Associate’s mobile and business phones.

  • Welcome Email Tracking: These can now be viewed under the Employee Notes tab.

  • Export Optimization: Lead Vehicles/Drivers fields have been removed to speed up export times.

  • Production Report Update: Now includes a Client/Customer Count

  • New Agency Report: New report has been added to display all customer invoices