Intruity Corporation
Insider Update May - 2023

Welcome to the Intruity Corporation Insider Update!

As our valued partner, we are excited to share a range of key feature updates and enhancements that we’ve made to our software platforms to improve your experience and overall usability.

We take pride in our technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve your business growth objectives.

Key Features

Meeting Feature Update

The Meetings feature has been updated for better usability and functionality. The process has been streamlined into a one-step popup, with a new checkbox to prevent the link from expiring. Attendees can now be invited via email or phone numbers, with invites set to expire in five days by default.

New Lead Summary Column: Processed Leads

A new column has been added to the Lead Summary report to display the number of processed leads. This helps to determine the quality of leads acquired and the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. By analyzing processed versus completed leads, data-driven decisions can be made to optimize lead-generation strategies and improve conversions.

Product Enhancements

  • Customer/Client Manager – In the filter, Company was moved up to be below Name
  • Import Upload popup has been upgraded to a newer style
  • Data Upload popup redesigned, blank line check removed
  • New List page had been redesigned, Homepage News and Updates – View All.
  • Employee profile Location popup heading change to “Locations”
  • Able to enable/disable Quoting in the side menu
  • Split Customer/Client List upgraded to a newer style
  • Text blast quality of life improvement
  • News Add Page redesign
  • Change User heading wording “Employee Lookup” to use custom wording
  • Rolling dates added to Distributed Leads report
  • Users are now able to edit/update meetings
  • Able to enable/disable Quoting in the side menu
  • Employee Types Policy wording changed to use custom policy wording