Intruity Corporation
Insider Update April - 2023

Welcome to the Intruity Corporation Insider Update!

As our valued partner, we are excited to share a range of key feature updates and enhancements that we’ve made to our software platforms to improve your experience and overall usability.

We take pride in our technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to serve your business growth objectives.

Key Features

Meeting Feature Update

Now, every user, regardless of employee type, has the ability to use the Meeting feature. This ensures that everyone on your team can schedule and manage meetings with ease.

Enhanced Login Log

We’ve added a Login Log feature, allowing you to view the last 25 logins with date and time information under the Security tab. This will help you keep track of access to your account.

Product Enhancements

Save as Home Checkbox

We’ve introduced a new “Save as Home” checkbox that will automatically add a user’s home address to the mailing address section when checked. This simplifies the process of adding contact details to user profiles.

Associate Reports Update

Associate Reports are now labeled as “My Reports” for improved clarity and easy access.

Customizable Dashboard Widgets

Widgets on the OneLink dashboard can now be turned on and off by employee type, allowing you to tailor your dashboard to your specific needs and preferences.

Email Sending Speeds

We’ve improved the speed at which emails send from OneLink, allowing you to communicate more efficiently.