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OneLink is next-generation cloud-based software that’s been designed specifically to meet the needs of insurance agencies. 

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Why Choose OneLink?

OneLink is a fully customizable CRM solution for insurance agents and brokers. We specialize in health insurance, life insurance and medicare agencies, with IVANs and Rating Software integration coming soon. OneLink’s easy-to-use interface allows your agents to configure the software however they need it, ensuring that they have access to the data they need when they need it most.

Customer Relationship Management

Provide full insight into status of in progress deals, and help coaching across management for sales team members, and track individual and team sales performance.

Team Management

Team Management system is designed to assist your HR team with hiring documentation, managing contact details, salary information, licensing and carrier appointments. 


Structure your income payouts, design customizable product based compensation plans for both teams and individuals. 

Communication Solutions

Target specific marketing channels automatically by designing custom drip email/text campaigns with our built template manager. 

Call Campaigns

Automate your business process by creating call campaigns that allow associates to dial the newest leads automatically. Increase sales with minimal associate downtime.

Analytics & Reports

Organize and easily showcase your data with OneLinks automated reporting process. Connect charts and data points from across the platform to view all in one place.

Experience the Product
First Hand.

Take full advantage of OneLink CRM’s capabilities to communicate with customers across multiple channels and build strong relationships. Use automated communications, and built in customer management to help your team stay efficient while outperforming the competition. 

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